About the trails

If you wonder what is it that makes the ridge of Hřebeč so special, then set yourself on a short trip through our region. If you observe well and for a short moment leave the noise of the traffic behind, you will find not only a noteworthy traces of human effort to gain mineral resources, but also look into the “activities” in the prehistoric time through the imprints of the life in the Tertiary sea. Both, recent and past “history” show themselves in the shape of landscape and buildings.

Come with us to visit Hugo Karl mine

Due to the things happening in the 20th century this region experienced a turnover of inhabitants; after the 2nd World War the German speaking population was forced to move out. The process of immigration and final composition of newly settled inhabitants coming from all the ends of our country caused that they rather distanced themselves from the landscape. This makes the area of Hřebeč  very interesting not only because of the geology. The above mentioned “outcasting” contributed to the fact that the knowledge about the Hřebeč uniquness was infinitely small or even non existent. With time the interest is on increase both, about the landscape and the inorganic nature. The landscape with its mineral resources gave food to many generations living nearby Hřebeč. The mined resources were used either only locally, e.i. brown coal, or, gained world reputation as in the case of fireclay of great quality and uniqueness (see With the Vehicles of Hřebeč fireclay to Terst and to the End of the World).