On the following pages you will find basic information about the themes that are dealt with in detail on the information panels of the Hřebeč mining footpaths. You will find more information at the viewpoints in the forest and in the villages surrounded by the trails. The amount of information on the internet is given in doses in order to arouse your curiousity and invite you for a visit. Therefore here, you will only find the most important facts. However, there is plenty of pictures in our internet photogalleries. You need to discover the beauty and spirit of the place by yourself. You can do it either by wandering in the beautiful and preserved forest where a nature reservation was created. Or, by observing the miniatures of the mining works placed on the authentic spots where frequent mining still happened a couple of decades ago.

Let your eyes and mind wanderaround the landscape that attracts you by the prepared trails. You are sure to be charmed by the rich offer of experience available. The landscape will charm you by its picturesque rolling hills, its past and present, the renovated memories of human knowledge and skills. Just head towards Hřebeč and let the landscape surround you. Hugo, the mining dwarf, will be your guide. Click on his picture to find out more about him. However here on the internet, he will only tell you the most basic things. You will learn more from him on the paths. We wish you a happy journey to our region of Moravská Třebová. It might be you who will be walking towards the lookout towers, going from the arbour to the stop of the narrow-gauge railway, browsing through the geological exposition in the courtyard of the renaissance castle or, by climbing a rather high hill which – to a great surprise – has water ponds on it.