About the trail

Long, long ago there was a strange nobleman living in the Hřebeč castle. It was a knight. Should you want to learn more about him then visit the nature trail “The Forest of Boršov”. There you will meet also another character, a small knight, a guy with a dotted scarf and spark in his eyes and antenna. You certainly know who he is. There are a lot of things happening on the trees. Once you touch a tree it will stay a great forest friend, counsellor and guardian. There, between the roots changes are happening! Changes between water and earth!

Those who live underground are ready for such life. Some underground fellers eat coal, others hunt bats. Lets meet them. This is the way the batmen make themselves bigger then they are. Do branches have USB ports? And what kind of flash discs can you attach to a tree? You can ask a small well. It also knows how to safely disconnect hardware. Now. You will meet a witch-man on the information panel and your teacher in “school” will be a Queen of Spain fritillary,which is a nice butterfly. Can a butterfly control a submarine? Where will it submerge it? What will it see there? In the forest of Boršov there is a lot of water. Will you find out what eye colour a small well has? What would you see if a black stalk was transparent? And what would you see if such a stalk was white? Can you hitchhike on the deer trail? Who can give you a lift? Who is Johnny? We will tell you just one thing here: he plays his instrument so well that even the frontman of Ginger group wants to listen to him again! All the small rodents must be aware of the sharp beak and talons of a common buzzard. You can see it gliding above the forest.