Mladějov - The narrow - gauge railway

Until 1904, Gerhard Mauve had built four ovens for burning fireclay in Mladějov and gradually bought all the coal and fireclay mines from Anenská Studánka to Březina. At that time he bought the mine Wenzel Theodor in Hřebeč from the Gbr. Steinbrecher company and he supplemented mining coal with mining fireclay. The material was driven to the ovens in Mladějov by waggons. However, as it made the production expensive the new ovens were built right in Hřebeč.
The building of the railway was finished in 1920, however, the approval of its building by the Czechoslovak supervisory bodies was done only in 1924 after long bickerings. The transport was carried by specially adjusted locomotives produced in the Linec company of Krauss. Due to ever rising need of electricity a steam power station was established in Mladějov with specially adapted fireboxes for burning the local chalk coal; similarly the ovens in narrow-gauge locomotives were adapted. Visit also